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Estec 360°

We are not just another manufacturer.
We are here to build long term partnerships.


Estec 360° is a range of our services your team 

can depend on in each stage of our partnership
to achieve greater heights together.

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Third Stop




Second Stop

We aim to deliver the best value to our clients by implementing both Value Analysis and Value Engineering during the optimization phase. We ensure the customization of your PCBs design conforms to its intended use.

We pride ourselves in our production capability to ensure that we can meet your requirements in both quality and speed as your needs grow.

From our New Product Introduction (NPI) Program to quick turn options, we have flexible options that can be tailored to your needs.

First Stop

Sixth Stop

Genuine Advice

Advanced Stock Management

From early conceptualization to problem-solving, we are here for you. Whether it's an early idea or half-developed, our team is ready to provide advice and help design your Gerber layout.

As a partner that means we're here to provide our consignment stock and buffer stock management services.

We analyze your needs to create an optimized consumption schedule, down to each week to ensure your inventory levels are covered.

Fourth Stop

Seventh Stop

Barrier Free


JIT Everything

Video calls don't cut it for us. We schedule planned visits to our clients throughout the year, we believe this allows us to understand one other better to achieve goals together.

Fifth Stop

Eighth Stop


12 Month Warranty

Our clients are global, meaning we don't operate in specific time zones.

We are accessible 24 hours and we accept all currencies. We want you to feel right at home when choosing us as your partner.

Once our PCBs have shipped, our partnership continues. We stand by our quality with a 12-month warranty along with our after-sales services for all your needs.

Rely on our team for our JIT (Just In Time) services. We are able to oversee manage production and logistics and provide accurate order tracking - ensuring no delays and shortages of inventory.

We're here for you, always

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