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Hong Kong PCB Manufacturer

Who we are

Estec was established in 1996, with its headquarters in Hong Kong. From the beginning, our team has been committed to making your success our responsibility.


Our goal is to be a partner you can rely on, not just another PCB manufacturer. Through experience we know what it takes.


We map out the needs of each client and constantly analyze our process to seek areas of improvement.


The results: shortened lead times with zero compromise in quality. Our definition of success is defined by your business' success.

This is our promise, our responsibility.

PCB Supplier Estec's Values

Our Values

To become your outstanding partner, We have set a clear growth strategy around a couple of core competencies and directions.

Open for Opportunities

We work for quality, not quantity. 

We treasure every opportunity of working for you, small volume is never a concern.

Customer Relationship Management

We never overlook fulfillment of our promises as we take supporting our partners seriously.


We believe in co-creation, therefore we are always willing to provide any form of technical support for our products. In the end, we believe we can co-create the future.


We are as flexible as the flexible circuit board we make. You request, we react.


Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. 'Time Zone' is not in Estec's dictionary. '24 Hours Service' happens to be on the cover page though.

Continuous Improvement

Producing only PCBs is too mainstream in this industry, so we focus on customer experience as well.

Estec's CSR Policy

Our Corporate
Social Responsibility

We share the same values with our partners and our team, but also share the same earth. We care about the environmenthuman beings, and our future.

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